Moctezuma’s can turn your party into a fiesta! Within 2-hour's notice, our chefs can create party platters featuring your favorite menu items – custom made to present to your guests.
combo fiesta platter serves 10 to 12 people – $49.99 | Arranged with Taquitos, Flautas and Quesadillas. Includes guacamole and sour cream.
crispy flautas platter 15 flautas (30 halves) – $49.99 | Rolled crispy flour tortillas filled with jack cheese and seasoned chicken or shredded beef. Includes guacamole and sour cream.
authentic mexico city taco bar Complete with all of the fixings! Barbacoa shredded beef and grilled achiote chicken tacos with handmade corn or flour tortillas. Served with rice, beans, homemade salsas (verde and roja), cilantro, onions, limes, chips and salsa! Minimum order for 10 guests $159.99 (for each additional guest ad $15.99) (add fresh guacamole for $4 more per person | substitute carne asada for $3 per person)
guacamole, salsa & chips for 10 guests – $34.99 (add portions for 5 more guests - $15.99) Homemade crispy tortilla chips, homemade chunky guacamole and salsa. 
grilled parrilla chicken salad – 49.99 | platter for 6-8 guests
burrito wraps portions of 12 burrito halves – $34.99 | Chicken, beef or veggie burritos wrapped and filled with rice, beans and cheese.
quesadillas platter of 24 slices – $29.99 (add multiples of 6 – $8.99) Any combination of beef or chicken.
fajitas platter for 10 guests – $89.99 | Sirloin steak or chicken fajitas with tortillas. Includes rice, beans, fresh guacamole and sour cream.
enchiladas platter of 10 – $29.99 (add multiples of 5 – $11.99)
Any combination of chicken, barbacoa beef or cheese.
beans or rice for 10 guests - $14.99
16 oz. salsa jar - $6.00
churros platter for 10 guests – $15.99 (add portions for 5 guests – $8.99) A delicious Mexican cinnamon pastry. Served with whipped cream on the side.