Ask your server about adding a Chico Tortilla Soup to any entrée. 

Antojitos To Share

Guacamole Fresco-Avocados, lime, cilantro, tomatoes, onions and jalapeños. Topped with cotija.
Chicken Tortilla Soup--Grande | Chico
A favorite throughout Mexico, made with tender chicken, crisp tortilla strips, avocado and cheese in a delicious tomato-pasilla broth.
Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeño Poppers-Filled with spiced cream cheese.
Mexican Grilled Corn-Topped with cotija cheese, fresh lime and cream fresca. Served in a skillet.
Fiesta Queso Dip--add chorizo for additional cost
Our delicious Mexican-style cheese dip baked with a blend of cheeses, tomatoes, onions, cilantro and Mexican spices.
Quesadilla--with chicken or ground beef for additional cost | add guacamole & sour cream for additional cost
Two flour tortillas filled with melted jack cheese, diced fresh tomatoes, onions and sliced jalapeño peppers.
Carne Asada Fries - firegrilled carne asada, fries, cheese, pico de gallo, jalapeño, guacamole, sour cream
Fuego Chicken Wings - served with ranch
Shrimp Ceviche-Two tostadas with lime marinated shrimp, onions, tomatoes, cilantro & avocado
Nachos Chingones--with chicken, ground beef or carne asada for additional cost
Crispy corn tortilla chips piled high and topped with refried beans, melted cheeses, pico de gallo, guacamole and sour cream. Jalapeños optional.
Flautas Chicas-Rolled crispy flour tortillas filled with seasoned chicken or shredded beef with melted jack cheese. Served with guacamole and sour cream.
Queso Flameado - mexican oaxaca cheese served sizzling in a hot lava stone molcajete with tomatillo sauce and chorizo, flambeed at the your table with tequila.


Enchiladas Clasicas--Served with traditional Mexican or Poblano-Cilantro rice and choice of beans. Topped with our delicious enchilada sauce and cheese.
Three corn tortillas rolled and filled with your choice of meat: cheese, chicken or barbacoa shredded beef.
Add Guacamole & Sour Cream for additional cost
Asada-Grilled chicken or carne asada & pico de gallo with Ranchera sauce and jack cheese.
Verdes-With our green tomatillo sauce, jack cheese and crema drizzle.
Creamy Chipotle - Chicken, chipotle cream sauce, avocado
Creamy Poblano Chicken-Topped with roasted poblano chile cream sauce and crema drizzle.
Shrimp (2)-Succulent shrimp with rich cream sauce, jack cheese and guacamole.
Chicken Mole-With our delicious sweet and spicy mole sauce and jack cheese.
Spinach and Portobello - Spinach, portobello mushrooms, corn
El Burrito--Carne Asada | Adobada Steak | Grilled Chicken | Pork Carnitas | Veggie
Our grande burrito! Large flour tortilla filled with Mexican rice, beans and your choice of meat; seasoned chicken, barbacoa shredded beef or ground beef. Topped with Ranchera sauce, melted cheese, lettuce, pico de gallo, guacamole and sour cream.


Three authentic fresh mini corn tortilla tacos served with traditional Mexican or Poblano-Cilantro rice and choice of beans; refried, pinto or black. Fiery habanero Salsa available upon request.
Mexico City Tacos--Carne Asada | Pork Carnitas | Grilled Chicken | Barbacoa Beef
The classic topped with cilantro, onions and guacamole. Served with a tangy tomatillo salsa, grilled green onion and lime.
Rib-eye- Rib-eye/queso blanco/poblanos peppers/grilled onions/avocado/arbol salsa.
Pork Carnitas- Tender pork shoulder/ escabeche red onions/ cilantro/ tomatillo salsa/ corn tortillas.
El Chingón - steak, cheese, guacamole, salsa cascabel
Del Patron - steak, bacon, queso, red onions, avocado, cilantro
Shrimp y Chorizo-Garlic prawns/chorizo/cheese/guacamole/cilantro/lime wedge/on flour tortillas.
Mahi Mahi Fish-XX beer battered or grilled mahi/ cabbage/crema fresca/pico/on flour tortillas.


Fajitas are mixed with onions and bell peppers. Served with traditional Mexican or Poblano-Cilantro rice, beans, guacamole, sour cream, pico de gallo, cheese and tortillas. Proudly Serving Certified Angus Beef®
Additional: Add shrimp to any fajita order | Tequila flame your Fajitas
Marinated Chicken
Marinated Steak
Steak & Chicken
Fresh Vegetable
Tequila Flaming Fajitas
Moctezuma’s signature fajitas with marinated steak, chicken and tiger shrimp flamed right at your table with gold tequila!




Served with traditional Mexican or Poblano-Cilantro rice and your choice of beans; refried, pinto or black.
Filling Options: shredded chicken, cheese or barbacoa shredded beef.
*Substitute any item for a Burrito or Flauta for additional cost
Add Guacamole and Sour Cream for additional cost
Taco Dorado-Authentic crispy taco filled with shredded beef or chicken topped with lettuce, cotija cheese, pico de gallo & crema
Tacos-Hard(corn) or soft(flour)
Homemade Tamal-Corn dough (masa) filled with chicken or pork
EnchiladaWith classic enchilada sauce
Rolled Taquito - chicken or beef
Barbacoa Mexico City Taco
Original Chile Relleno-Mexican queso stuffed poblano pepper
Tostada-Crispy corn tortilla topped with beans, meat, lettuce, cotija, pico and crema.


Authentic Mexican spicy stew made with your choice of meat combined with poblano peppers, onions, chorizo, green onions, and cheese served sizzling in traditional lava rock molcajete "MOLKA-HET-TAY " with tortillas, pico de gallo, guacamole and sour cream
Chicken/ Asada/ Shrimp
Carne Asada

Favoritos de la Casa

Served with traditional Mexican or Poblano-Cilantro rice and choice of beans
Original Chile Rellenos-Two fresh poblano peppers stuffed with queso fresco, coated with a light batter and simmered in a zesty tomato sauce. Sprinkled with cotija cheese and served with sour cream and tortillas. (Occasionally hot)
Chimichanga-Grande flour tortilla rolled and stuffed with ground beef, chicken, or barbacoa shredded beef and cheese. Lightly crisped and served with lettuce, pico de gallo, cheese, guacamole and sour cream.
Flautas-Two crispy flour tortilla rolls filled with seasoned chicken or shredded beef with melted jack cheese. Topped with guacamole, sour cream and sprinkled with cotija cheese. (Grilled option available)
La Roca Steak - thick top grade skirt steak served on a sizzling hot lava cooking stone and served with nopal cactus salad, black bean, guacamole, tortillas
Carne Asada*-Our famous asada! Nine ounces of fire-grilled, top-grade skirt steak seasoned with Mexican spices. Served with fresh guacamole, pico de gallo and warm tortillas.
Asada y Relleno*- Fire-grilled carne asada or pollo a la parrilla with an authentic chile relleno. Served with guacamole and warm tortillas.
Surf and Turf Asada - over 1/2 pound of top grade skirt steak paired with bacon-wrapped succulent prawns with pico de gallo, guacamole, tortillas
Gourmet Parrilla Bowl - Mexican rice bowl with cilantro-lime rice, black beans, cheese, pico de gallo, guacamole, crema, red onion escabeche, salsa roja
Pollo a la Parrilla Fresh chicken breast marinated overnight with a secret blend of Mexican herbs and spices. Fire-grilled to perfection and served with guacamole and pico de gallo.
Habanero-Mango Chicken-Grilled chicken breast with red and green peppers, mushrooms and corn in a sweet and fiery habanero sauce over sauteed spinach. With Poblano-Cilantro rice & black beans. 
Mole Poblano-Traditional dish from Puebla, Mexico. Tender chicken breast in a delicious sweet and spicy sauce made with dried chiles, peanuts, cinnamon, chocolate and spices.
Camarones Cancún-Jack cheese stuffed prawns then wrapped in crispy bacon. Served over a bed of vegetables and roasted pepper sauce. Accompanied with Mexican rice and black beans.
Camarones al Ajo-Succulent prawns sautéed with white wine, garlic, butter and portobello mushrooms. Served with Mexican rice, vegetables and garlic-butter.
Carnitas Michoacan-Half pound of slow braised pork carnitas in garlic, paprika, oranges and Mexican spices. Served with guacamole.

Salads, Tostadas & Soups

Dressing options: cilantro-jalapeño house dressing, chipotle ranch, cilantro-lime vinaigrette, jalapeño blue cheese, thousand island, oil & vinegar or creamy ranch.
Mexican Chopped Salad-Fire-grilled chicken, chopped romaine, tomatoes, jack cheese, avocado, bacon, corn, tortilla strips, cotija cheese, chipotle ranch dressing
Cilantro-lime Chicken Salad-Grilled chicken, iceberg, avocado, queso fresco, roasted red pepper, cucumber, toasted pumpkin seeds, tortilla strips, cilantro-lime vinaigrette
Carne Asada Salad-Fire-grilled skirt steak/iceberg lettuce/avocado/jack cheese/black beans/chipotle ranch dressing
Avocado Caesar Salad--grilled chicken | grilled steak | tiger shrimp -Romaine lettuce, pico de gallo, cotija cheese, avocado, tortilla strips, avocado-caesar dressing.
Adobo Taco Salad--adobo grilled chicken | ground beef| shredded chicken | barbacoa shredded beef-The classic with grilled carne asada steak, black beans, corn, roma tomatoes, tortilla strips, guacamole and sour cream. Choice of dressing.
Chicken Tortilla Soup--Grande | Chico
A favorite throughout Mexico, made with tender chicken, crisp tortilla strips, avocado and cheese in a delicious tomato-pasilla broth. Add a Chico Tortilla Soup to any entrée for an additional cost

A La Carte

Seafood Enchilada--Served with guacamole
shrimp | crab
Original Chile Relleno
Handmade Tamale-Filled with seasoned chicken or pork.
Guacamole Topping
Sour Cream Topping
Corn or Flour Tortillas
Guacamole side
Sour Cream Side
Salsa Fresca
Mexican rice
Vegetarian Poblano-cilantro Rice
Side of Beans
Fried Jalapeños

Desserts ~ Postres

Plantain Flameado - caramelized plantains in a sweet rum sauce over a blonde brownie, coconut ice cream and fired up at your table with rum
Deep Fried Ice Cream
Homemade Vanilla Flan
Classic Churros
Mexican Brownie-With vanilla ice cream & Kahlua cream sauce
Sopapillas Tradicionales-Homemade puffy fried pastry with whipped cream and cajeta (Mexican caramel)

After Dinner Drinks

Mexican Coffee-Coffee, tequila, Kahlua, whipped cream
Bailey’s & Coffee-Coffee and Bailey’s
Spanish Coffee-Coffee, Tia Maria, brandy, Kahlua, whipped cream
Kahlua Coffee-Coffee and Kahlua
Coffee Nudge-Coffee, Kahlua, brandy, dark creme de cacao, whipped cream